Prof Rossi Setchi

Director, Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Research Theme
Cardiff University, UK

Decision support for Sustainable Design and Manufacturing


This talk outlines the main challenges in industrial sustainability from the point of view of the decision makers and highlights the importance of having computational tools to compare alternatives in terms of cost and environmental implications. The talk presents an eco-design decision-making methodology that integrates life cycle assessment, process modelling and quality function deployment. All product sustainability considerations are conducted within a special eco-design house of quality. This brings together the analysis of factors relating to manufacturing processes, product usage and end-of-life strategy; it insures that product sustainability is central to any design development and that the implications of change are fully identified and justified. The talk demonstrates the complexity of the decision-making process and the need for knowledge-based and semantic tools to support the decision makers.

Rossi Setchi


Professor R. Setchi leads Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing at the School of Engineering of Cardiff University. She received her Double Honours degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (first class, Summa Cum Laude) from Moscow Technological University in Russia, and her PhD from Cardiff University, UK. Professor Setchi joined the School of Engineering as a Lecturer in 2000; she was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2007 and Chair in 2011.

Professor Setchi has a distinguished track record of research in a range of areas including manufacturing, AI, robotics, Cyber-Physical systems and Industry 4.0, and, in particular, has built an international reputation for excellence in knowledge-based and semantic engineering systems. Over a period of 20 years, Professor Setchi has been able to secure, with colleagues, external grant support totalling more than £16 million. She has collaborated with over 20 UK and 30 overseas universities, 15 research organisations and 30 industrial companies from more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. She has provided research leadership on over 25 collaborative projects funded by UK and overseas funding bodies. She has completed research projects with many UK-based companies including Airbus, BAE Systems, Bosch UK, Highways England, Panalpina and Renishaw as well as a number of companies from Europe including Schneider Electric, SAP, Siemens, neuroConn, and Meytec from Germany, Robotiker and Robotnik from Spain, Centro Ricerche Fiat, FIDIA S.p.A., Stile Bertone, and Hewlett Packard from Italy, Smart Brain from Norway, Pertimm from France and many more. Her FP7 project SRS has been reported in the annual UK Department of Health R&D report and included in a report by Kay Swinburne MEP as an example of a high-impact project (the only one from Wales). It has been presented at high-profile events in the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster and an EU-Japan Conference in Tokyo.

Professor Setchi is Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional, and European Engineer. She is Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Fellow of the British Computer Society, and Senior Member of IEEE. Rossi is member of IFIP Technical Committee on Computer Aided Innovation (WG5.4), IFAC Technical Committee on Human-Machine Systems (WG4.5) and IEEE Task Force on Human-like Intelligence of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. She acts as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Systems Science (IJSS), and the International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science (IJKSS). She is also a member of the Editorial Board of a number of international journals. She is also a trustee of Engineering Education Scheme - Wales (EESW), a non-profit, educational charity which is designed to encourage sixth form students to study engineering courses in further or higher education. She has acted as a judge on a number of occasions (e.g. Made in Wales Awards, 2016 and 2017, and "We Made It!" Competition, 2013) and often contributes as panellist and speaker to debates and public events.

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