Keynote Speakers

We are very pleased to be attracting the services of an excellent selection of keynote speakers for the conference. It is our intention that these speakers will give our delegates a view about technological and scientific activities, relating to sustainability in energy and buildings, taking place in various areas of the world.

Speakers acquired so far are as follows and further speakers details will be available here in due course.

Dr Martin Anda

Academic Chair of Environmental Engineering
Murdoch University, Australia

Title of Talk: Integrating Energy and Water Systems in Smart Districts: The RENeW Nexus project in Fremantle, Western Australia

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Prof Hiroki Kuwano

New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe)
Tohoku University, Japan

Title of Talk: Micro-fabricated multi focused ion beam source device using ionic liquid for sustainable design and manufacturing

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Prof Rossi Setchi

Director, Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Research Theme
Cardiff University, UK

Title of Talk: Decision support for Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

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Prof Sara Wilkinson

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Title of Talk: Algae Building: is this the next sustainable building technology?

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Other speaker's details to follow ...